Angel – Short Story

I got off the bus with a heart filled with fear. I hoped to see her, even if once. But what if I never crossed path with her today? What if she failed to acknowledge me, preoccupied by friends? And even if she does, what if her boyfriend is with her. Continue reading “Angel – Short Story”

The Bubble – My Inner Voice

Have you ever felt depressed for absolutely no reason at all? You wake up one morning with a feeling that there is no reason to smile anymore. You do not find jokes, to which on some other day you would have gone ROFL, funny anymore. The joy and sorrow of your close friendsĀ  seem insignificant, even though you genuinely care for them. Your goals and future plans seem unimportant by the second. Is it that all you wish is to be left alone in your little bubble of emptiness? Continue reading “The Bubble – My Inner Voice”

Are You Still in Love with Me – Short Story

Seeing her off as she took the cab, I hopped on a bus and headed home. As I stood swaying to and fro with the uneven motion of the bus, I let my thoughts drift back to the unforgettable moment a few hours ago… Continue reading “Are You Still in Love with Me – Short Story”

A Promise – Short Story

Sometimes really small events help us realize really great things. Things which we, as human beings, should know. Things which would help make the world a better place. Or least of all, make us a better person. Continue reading “A Promise – Short Story”

The Beggar with a Dazzling Smile – My Inner Voice

Even before the thought of giving her money crossed my mind, she looked into my eyes and gave me a dazzling smile.

Continue reading “The Beggar with a Dazzling Smile – My Inner Voice”

Midnight Diary – My Inner Voice

Can I tell you a secret?

Every night when my parents are asleep, I secretly go to the roof of my house all by myself. Sometimes I am alone with my thoughts, sometimes I have my earphones plugged into my phone Continue reading “Midnight Diary – My Inner Voice”

Autobiography of a Ghost – Short Story

I always imagined what it would be like to be a ghost. Does the body feel weird and light weight, unaffected by gravity? Can they really pass through walls as we all know? Can they use magic or have powers? And why do they sometimes scare random people? Is it because they get lonely? Are they really scaring anyone on purpose, or are they just trying to communicate? Continue reading “Autobiography of a Ghost – Short Story”